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18/02/2018 9:51 pm  


is there any chance of setting the map view in Google/Open street map to default back to the map you were last looking at rather than the middle of the Pacific ocean every time? This makes placing the control a slower task.

How can you reorder the list of controls? I had an issue that I put the start and the finish in first. This placed the finish as 20 in the list. I assume it needs to be last in the order if running a course in sequence? I then had to renumber the control order. Is there a quicker way?

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19/02/2018 11:38 am  

Hi Andrew, the work-a-round for this is to clone the previous control so when you open the new control it is in the location of the previous one and therefore somewhere near where you want it.  Remember to change the Description and move the push-pin to its new location.   

FYI: the "Clone" button is to the right of the "Create Control"


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