Welcome to Sporteering™

The Sporteering™ APP has been developed following 25 years of experience organising navigation competitions and having fun, walking, running and cycling in the outdoors.

The aim of a Sporteering event is to navigate around a series of controls and collect points as you reach each one. This app will allow you to find and take part in Sporteering courses and events near you to challenge yourself, friends and family and is suitable for all ages and abilities.  Loosely based on orienteering this phone APP provides everything you need to navigate an course or event.

No gym membership, no lycra (well that’s up to you) but an easy way to improve your health, well being and competitive instinct – so find your chance to exercise, play and explore with a Sporteering event near you.

  • Finding an event in EVENT LIST
  • Look at your event map and controls
  • Scan the start point to start the clock
  • Scan the controls to collect points as you find them and pass them (in any order)
  • Scan the finish code at the end to stop the clock (or end early if you like)

See yourself collect points, move up the leaderboard and improve your problem solving and fitness – so why not give it a go!


Joining the Sporteering family couldn’t be easier – just download the app to get started.


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Recently created routes

Events Courses

The Carpetbagger 09/06/2018
MT- Team Orienteering 16/10/2019
EA Team Orienteering 16/10/2019
Herbst Rallye 15/10/2019
Azubi Team Rallye - Testversion 01/10/2019
The Asselheim Rallye
Polaris Summer Sprint Challenge 01/05/2019
@NAV-X 100 Lakes 3h Map Trek 24/06/2019
@NAV-X 100 Lakes 6h Map Trek 24/06/2019
La Thimistéroise

@NAV-X Control Master (this is not a course to run) 01/01/2030
Newtown school 24/04/2019
Danson Park Trail Challenge (Bexley Council) - 31/12/2019
NAVX/SSC Glen Alpine Canyon 4h Map Trek 18/06/2019
Llyn Brianne Mid Wales 17/06/2019
Dronfest Signs
@NAV-X Control Master (this is not a course to run) - TEST 11/06/2019
NAV-X QR Test 29/05/2019
Eloy Challenge 14/05/2019
Colorado Test Event - Denver 22/05/2019
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